Too many specialists? | Museums Association

Un avis éclairant (?) et sans langue de bois (double talk) de Maurice Davis (Museums Association) après un séjour marseillais…

A propos de Borely :

 »  Staff at the new Chateau Borély decorative arts museum seem to have devoted all their attention to the interior design of the building, obsessing over details of tiling and flooring.

As a result, many of the basics are badly neglected. The labelling was hopeless (some of it missing, six weeks after opening) and you couldn’t see some video screens because of reflections from the windows opposite.

In fact so busy had staff been fiddling with the look of the place, they appear to have failed to produce a standalone website.

Such basic failings suggest that the museum’s priority has not been to engage visitors and, indeed, I was happy to leave.  »

et à propos du FRAC PACA :

« After an hour or so in Marseille’s FRAC I can confirm that it may indeed have successfully built a collection, but doesn’t seem to be doing so well at reaching a wide audience.

Their interest appears much more with the artists and the opinions of their fellow curators than engaging with local people – or even cultural tourists like yours truly. »

C’est sans ambiguités ! Lire l’ensemble du billet ici : Too many specialists? | Museums Association.

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